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What is protein powder?

Protein powder belongs to the group of dietary supplements. The main feature of the protein powder is the relatively high protein content. The basis can be both animal and vegetable proteins. It is mainly used to build muscle during sports and to support dieting. The protein powder is usually mixed with water or milk in a protein shaker. The protein powder is available in different flavors.

What are proteins?

Proteins, also known as proteins, are an important part of your diet as a macronutrient. They consist of many building blocks – the amino acids. Nothing works without proteins: Your body needs amino acids as components for cells and tissues (muscles, organs and blood) as well as enzymes and hormones.

What do you need protein powder for?

Protein-rich foods such as meat, dairy products, eggs, tofu, nuts or legumes already help you to cover your daily protein requirements. Nevertheless, it can make sense to include protein powder in your diet - especially if your goal is to build muscle or lose weight! In order to build muscle mass, protein intake must be increased. With relatively few calories, protein powder provides a lot of protein - optimal! This property also benefits you when you lose weight: with a calorie-reduced diet, the body unfortunately also breaks down muscle mass in addition to fat. Increasing your protein intake with a protein shake counteracts this process.

Which protein powder is right for you?

Protein powder is not just protein powder. What is the difference between the different varieties?

Whey Protein: The fast protein

Whey protein is a component of cow's milk and is very popular due to its high biological value. The body can absorb whey protein particularly well: it gets into the bloodstream quickly and is immediately made available to the muscles as a building block. That's why a shake with Multipower 100% Pure Whey is the perfect protein supply after training!

Casein: The night protein

The fraction of milk protein that is not whey is casein. Unlike whey, the metabolism absorbs casein slowly. The advantage: This means that the body is continuously supplied with amino acids over a period of up to 8 hours - this protects the muscles from breakdown. Casein is preferably consumed in the evening before going to bed.

Multi-component protein: The all-rounder protein

As the name suggests, multicomponent protein combines several protein sources with each other. Whey and casein are primarily used in the mix, but egg protein is also used as a supplement. The interaction ensures a fast and long-term supply of protein to your muscles. The multi-component protein from Multipower: Formula 80 Protein Complex.

Vegan protein powder: power from plants

Of course, protein powder is also available in plant-based form! Instead of milk or egg, it is made from soy, rice, peas or hemp. Ideally, several vegetable proteins are combined for vegan protein powder - this guarantees that the body can absorb it particularly well. The Multipower Vegan Protein impresses with its high-quality mix of soy, pea and rice protein.

What makes a good protein powder?

A good protein powder has a high protein content, high-quality protein sources and convinces with a delicious taste and a creamy consistency. For Multipower, this is a given for all products!

How do you consume protein powder?

Classically in the form of a shake. To do this, mix the protein powder with water, milk or plant drink - you will achieve the best result with a protein shaker. But that's not all, protein powder can be used in many ways. Whether as porridge, in quark or when baking - protein powder improves taste and nutritional values!

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When is the best time to drink your protein shake?

In general, you can have a protein shake at any time of the day - as a small breakfast or snack, on non-training or sport-intensive days. A protein shake is particularly effective directly after training, as you give your muscles a stimulus with the workout. The protein shake provides the amino acids for the optimal supply of your muscles.

Buy protein powder at Multipower

Multipower provides you with protein powder - and thus secures your gains! Which one do you choose?

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