Multipower Beutel Formula 80 Mehrkomponentenprotein Rote Grütze Vanillesoße  Geschmack
Formula 80 Protein Complex 510g
Formula 80 Protein Complex 510g
Multipower Formula 80 Beutel und im Hintergrund schneidet eine Frau einen Riegel
Ein Vanille Protein Shake mit Erdbeeren und Riegelsücken und im Hintergrund ein Proteinpulver Beutel
Eine Frau gießt Sirup über Pancakes
Multipower Formula 80 Beutel mit Vanille Shake daneben

Formula 80 Protein Complex 510g

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Formula 80 is discontinued. Discover the successor Creamy Protein Shake now!

The Formula 80 Protein Complex consists of various protein sources that together form a deliciously creamy milkshake. The main ingredient is casein protein , which is also a main ingredient in milk and is known for its creamy texture. This protein powder comes in a variety of delicious flavors and contains no unnecessary sugar. It is ideal as a snack, for baking or as a supplement to muesli, bowls and yoghurt.

  • Formula 80 Protein Complex for creamy milkshake
  • Main ingredient: casein protein with a creamy consistency
Nutritional Values ​​& Ingredients
Nutritional Values ​​Vanilla Cream per 30g
(in water)
per 30g
(in milk)
100 g
calorific values 468 kj/
112 calories
254 calories
1561 kj/
368 calories
Fat 0.6g 5.1g 1.9g
hereof: saturated fatty acids <0.5g 3.1g 1.2g
carbohydrates 1.7g 16g 5.7g
of which sugar 1.3g 16g 4.2g
protein 24g 35g 81g
Salt 0.18g 0.29g 0.61g


65% calcium caseinate , 14% milk protein isolate, 9% whey protein concentrate, emulsifier (lecithins), protein-enriched whey powder, flavoring, 2% clear chicken egg powder, acid (citric acid), rapeseed oil, sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose), vitamin B6. May contain traces of soy .

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Consumption recommendation

Put the protein powder in the shaker in 300 ml water, milk or milk alternative and shake vigorously. It is best to take it in the evening before going to bed so that the proteins can fill you up overnight.

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