About Us

Why Multipower?

Multipower stands for power. For health. For fitness. Multipower stands for the fact that you can be the best version of yourself in every situation.

In 1977. From the Hamburg basement into the wide world.

When, 45 years ago, as a response to the American fitness trend, we mixed the first protein powders in a simple cement mixer in our basement and attached typewritten labels to them, the vision was the same as it is today - we want to offer the best quality and tastiest products, to help you lead a healthier, fitter and therefore happier lifestyle.

No hype, no bullshit.

We are not a hype brand that has risen to the peak of the fitness trend to make a quick coin. Rather, we have laid the foundation on which the others build. With us you only get the products that really make it easier for you to implement a healthier lifestyle. We focus on what we do best - developing the tastiest yet most effective products. At the same time, we don't want to pick up on every short-lived trend in the scene and promise you something that ultimately won't be kept anyway.

Multipower Models in Hafencity with protein shakes and protein bars

We make healthy eating easy (easier) - Healthy Lifestyle made easy!

Our products contain high-quality proteins that help you achieve your goals. And it doesn't matter whether it's about building muscle, losing weight or simply feeling fitter and more powerful. Along with exercise, a healthy diet is the most important basis.
However, maintaining this long-term is not always easy. And unfortunately we cannot take this away from you. However, what we can do is make it easier for you to persevere. That's why we've been developing damn delicious products for 45 years that offer you a protein-rich, low-sugar and convenient alternative in the decisive moments - whether after sports, on the go or in the evening on the couch.

Multipower models talk and drink a protein shake
"stay strong, stay healthy"

Your Team Multipower