Recycling guidelines in Germany

Sales packaging, which we sell in Germany, is part of a dual system. This packaging can be disposed of free of charge using the well-known collection systems in paper, glass or yellow bins/sacks.

One-way deposit is levied on one-way plastic bottles, one-way glass bottles and one-way cans if the following drinks are filled in them: soft drinks with and without carbon dioxide (e.g. lemonade, cola drinks, sports drinks, iced tea, fruit juice mixtures with mineral water - i.e. spritzers; but also milk substitutes such as oat milk and soy milk) water - Beverages with and without carbon dioxide (e.g. mineral water, medicinal water, table water, so-called "near-water products").


One-way packaging subject to a deposit can be returned to any point of sale that sells one-way containers made of the same material. The only decisive factor is the material and not the shape, brand or contents of the packaging. The deposit for all disposable packaging subject to a deposit is 25 cents.

We currently have a deposit on the following items: Red Kick 330ml, Protein Water, Aqua

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